What Is Green Waste?

green waste

Green waste refers to waste materials that are biodegradable. You can make compost out of these waste materials. So, if you want to know what is green waste, it is actually organic waste that comprises of pieces of wood, crass, yard clippings, shrubs, palm leaves, tree barks, branches, and weeds. Mostly, when you carry a general clean-up of your yard, you get these wastes.

The organic materials that are generated as waste products need to be processed in a different way when you dispose them off. This is different from the disposal process of other household wastes such as plastics or cardboard boxes. Recycling green wastes bring you several benefits. You can eventually use a local processor and convert it to compost or mulch.

Environmental benefits of processing green wastes

Considering environmental benefits, it is imperative to process green waste in the right way. The decomposition process of green wastes in landfills is anaerobic. It releases some greenhouse gases, including methane, that harm the environment. This ultimately contributes to global warming.

However, when you adopt eco-friendly measures to dispose off green wastes, these materials do not reach landfills. This prevents the emission of greenhouse gases. It also saves valuable space in the landfill. The wastes land in a recycling depot, where they turn into compost.

On average, each Australian citizen generates around 400 kgs. of rubbish every year. On embracing green waste processing measures, you can significantly reduce these numbers.

Green waste is completely biodegradable

Green waste primarily comprises of organic materials. This makes it 100% biodegradable. The compost that you can generate through green waste can prove to be an excellent fertilizer. This compost proves beneficial for landscapers, agriculturists, and farmers. Even gardeners use this compost to enrich the soil and grow plants.

Therefore, it makes sense to use skip bins Sydney to dispose off the green waste from your homes. While composting green waste is a logical decision, you wouldn’t like the messy work. It would be ideal to seek reliable services from professionals to manage your green waste efficiently.

Green waste disposal can help you reduce waste management cost

Well, have you considered the costs you need to bear when you try to transport the green wastes from your home to the landfills? In Australia, many individuals need to shell out additional costs for collecting and transporting green wastes to landfills. Working closely with professional green waste management companies, you can reduce disposal costs. Reputed green waste management companies don’t transport your wastes to landfills. Besides saving cost, they would help you produce valuable compost.

Find a professional green waste management solution

While you would be contributing to an environment-friendly cause with green waste disposal solutions, you can also curtail your costs. Reputed service providers like Orange Bins, skip bins Sydney continue to provide valuable green waste disposal services in different cities in Australia. With these professionals on your side, you need not worry about disposing off your organic waste materials. You can have a consultation with the company regarding disposing off green wastes from your home or commercial space. This way, you can fervently contribute to the green mission.

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