How long can i have the bin onsite for?
COD Customers – We allow our bins to be on site for 7 days. Our system will automatically book in the pickup date on the 7th day after delivery. If you would like your bin collected earlier or if you would like the bin left on site for a couple of extra days, simply phone our office and let us know.

What type of rubbish can be put in your skip bins?
We allow general rubbish in our skip bins, including furniture, household rubbish, green waste and garden clean up, timber, demolition waste, landscaping and renovation rubbish, tiles, roof tiles, bricks, concrete, dirt and sand.

What type of rubbish are we restricted from putting in your skip bins?
We do not permit asbestos, fibro, fiberglass, palm trees, stumps, batteries, paint, gas bottles or hazardous materials and if found in the bin this will incur an extra charge.

Are there any items we can put in the bin that we may be charged extra for?
Additional charges will apply for tyres, carpet and mattresses

Do you offer skip bins to remove asbestos only?
We offer asbestos bins from all our listed bin sizes. If you are looking at ordering an asbestos bin you must notify the office at the time of booking. All asbestos bins must be lined with builders plastic and only put asbestos in this load (NOT MIXED WITH GENERAL WASTE). If asbestos has been found in our skip bin after it has been tipped and mixed with general waste we will treat this bin as a contaminated load and the customer will incur additional charges.  Please phone our office and request prices for our asbestos bins or if you are unsure as to whether or not a material might contain asbestos.

How high can I fill the bin?
It is illegal to transport overloaded skip bins and all of our skip bins are marked clearly with DO NOT FILL PAST THIS LINE you must not load our bins past this point. If a skip bin has been filled above the maximum height, you will be given the option to hire an additional bin, or remove the excess rubbish. If there is no one on site when the driver arrives to pick up the bin, he will use his own discretion to either remove the excess rubbish or not take the bin at all. If we arrive on site to collect an overfilled bin additional fees will apply.

Where can I place my bin?
It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the consent and specific requirements of the council or any other relevant Authority if the bin is to be placed on land owned or controlled by the Council or that Authority. The customer will pay any fine imposed upon Orange Bins by any Authority due to failure to follow specific requirements and/or the placement of the bin on land owned or controlled by that Authority.

What happens if your driver arrives to deliver a bin and we no longer wish to hire the bin?
If we send out a driver to deliver a bin after it has been booked and the customer does not want the bin, there will be a call out fee of $150.00. The same fee applies if our driver arrives to site and has nowhere to place the bin. We will not leave a bin on the road or the nature strip if no permit has been arranged.

How do I pay for the bin?
Payment is required at time of booking.  When booking over the phone we will ask for your credit card details (MasterCard or Visa) and process the payment prior to your bin being delivered.