How do You Properly Dispose of Waste?

Waste generation is inevitable and with the growing concern related to the harm caused to our environment by improper waste disposal, it is imperative that we follow the right ways of disposing of waste. Per the data available, an average Australian household produces 2.25 kg of waste per day, this is equal to more than 750 kg in a year. A zero-waste future is a dream that each one of us should aim for and as per some experts, it is possible. To make this possible what we need are good waste disposal companies and more awareness and education among homeowners. Changing some basic daily habits and attempting to recycle as much as possible in our homes will go a long way in making this dream a reality. A good waste disposal system is needed to control pollution, conserve our environment, and control the spread of diseases.

Here are some ways of waste disposal that do not adversely affect the environment:

  1. Recycling: The most obvious way of proposal waste disposal is recycling. However, what is essential for this is having the right skip bins hire. The right container for every type of waste i.e. plastic, paper, metal, e-waste, etc. will help you segregate the waste. Almost 75% of the waste produced can be recycled. However, due to a lack of awareness on which materials can be recycled and the proper method to recycle the uptake of this method is quite low.
  2. Reusing: Reusing items instead of disposing of them immediately is a good way to reduce waste. You can reuse shopping bags or use cloth bags that have a longer life span and can be reused easily. Similarly, plastic bottles can be used for storing or carrying any liquid. If you try to reuse some items instead of throwing them into the waste, you will be able to reduce the total amount of garbage.
  3. Composting: Composting is the method that converts your food or wet waste into fuel for your plants. Even if you are not an expert in gardening it is good to know that compost is exceptionally good for plants and keeps them healthy. Composting is quite simple and inexpensive. All you need is get one container and fill it with nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich materials. Green and soft waste are rich in nitrogen and brown and dry is high in carbon. Keep filling these into the container till it is full. It will then heat up and you need to give it time to cool down and then mix it and it is ready to use.

Landfills should be last the choice when it comes to disposal and so our goal should be to recycle, reuse, or compost as much waste as possible. Dumping waste in landfills is the easiest way of waste disposal but it is also the most harmful and contributes greatly to global warming.

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